While neurofeedback may be new to many residents in Jacksonville, FL, this cutting-edge therapy has been studied and scientifically validated by over 40 years of research. In fact, Dr Frank H. Duffy, a Professor and Pediatric Neurologist at Harvard Medical School, stated that:

“Neurofeedback should play a major therapeutic role in many difficult areas. In my opinion, if any medication had demonstrated such a wide spectrum of efficacy it would be universally accepted and widely used”

Here you will find the culmination of more than 40 years of university based, medical research demonstrating the effectiveness of this therapy for many different conditions. Each article is in a pdf format so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view, download and print the articles. Most computers already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, however if your computer doesn’t, you can download a free version of the software by following the link below:

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