What makes Dr. Serle different than other EEG Neurofeedback specialist?

It’s not just his extensive experience in neurology but also his vast knowledge in advanced laboratory testing, nutrition, and supplements.


Dr. Serle’s nutritional approach is to customize a person’s needs by performing laboratory testing. Below are some of the tests utilized by Dr. Serle to find out how a person is functioning.


  • Gastrointestinal Testing: relates to digestion, absorption and micro-organism
  • Food Sensitive Testing: relates to the immune system
  • Adrenal Stress Testing: relates to the stress hormone, Cortisol
  • Genetic Testing: relates to DNA defects
  • Vitamin/Mineral Testing
  • Expanded Hormonal Testing
  • Toxins/Chemical Testing
  • Essential Fatty Acid Testing
  • Gluten Testing


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