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Before you can truly understand how Florida BrainCore Neurofeedback Therapy  in Jacksonville works, you first must understand how the brain works.

It is widely understood that the systems that govern the human brain are the most complex and compact on earth.  In order for your brain to function optimally, the different parts of the brain must communicate to one another all the time.

The brain accomplishes this communication by sending electrical signals along neurons that connect one area of the brain to another.  The electrical signals are known as brain waves.

The BrainCore Neurofeedback Therapy system is able to translate these brainwaves on to a computer screen for observation by using non-invasive surface electrodes that are placed on the surface of your scalp.

Florida BrainCore Neurofeedback Therapy Training

A QEEG Report is the Key to Creating Your Neurofeedback Brain Training Sessions

Before you start with your brain training sessions, a comprehensive assessment must first be performed. This assessment procedure allows Dr Serle to determine, in a scientifically objective manner whether your brainwave patterns are different from normal.

The assessment provides him with the neurofeedback training protocols that will be used during the training sessions.  These protocols are designed to retrain the brainwave patterns toward normal.

As your brainwave patterns normalize, the brain is able to operate more optimally and efficiently. Once the protocols are determined you are hooked up to a computer using wires and sensors and the computer records your brainwave activity. These sensors are noninvasive, meaning there is no electrical current put into your brain. The sensors are there to simply record the brainwaves coming from your brain. Information about these brainwaves is displayed on Dr Serle’s monitor.

The software automatically detects when the brainwaves are properly ordered and it feeds that information back to the patient. This feedback appears in the form of a game, movie, or sound which tells the patient that the brainwaves are becoming more ordered.

For example, you may be watching a puzzle of a picture that is being filled in piece by piece. As long as your brain waves are moving in an orderly direction, the puzzle pieces are filled in and the patient hears a tone. If the brainwave patterns move away from an orderly pattern, then the puzzle does not get filled in and no tone is produced.

You are actually controlling the completion of the puzzle with your brain and by doing so; the brain is learning how to regulate itself.

In another design, you perform the training while watching a movie. In this case you may watch a DVD movie that is being controlled by your ability to regulate their brainwaves. The movie will get brighter as the brain waves normalize and become darker when they become dysregulated. Your brain’s natural desire to watch the movie clearly will drive those neurological circuits that normalize the brainwaves and allow the picture to be visualized. The more those circuits are driven and used – the more neuroplastic changes take hold. You learn how to use those new circuits during the demands of everyday life.

Are You Ready To Change Your Life Using Florida BrainCore NeuroFeedback Therapy?

Whether you are looking for drug free treatment solutions or want to get off the medications that may or may not be helping you. Isn’t it time to take control and look at Florida Braincore Neurofeedback Therapy.

For a Limited time Florida BrainCore Therapy is offering a reduced fee for the QEEG (Brainwave evaluation) for only $297. Most health practitioners charge between $500 to $800 for a QEEG.

The results of QEEG is sent to several prestigous universities to be analyzed in their database (over 300,000 people who have completed Neurofeedback).

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