BrainCore Neurofeedback Therapy in Jacksonville Florida

Florida BrainCore Therapy provides a unique drugless approach to addressing Brainwave Dysregulation, a condition resulting from tension on the nervous system that is commonly caused by a nerve interference, environment factors, poor nutrition, stress, drugs or trauma.

We are pleased to offer Florida BrainCore Neurofeedback Therapy, a non-invasive, non-drug, cutting-edge therapy option for neurological disorders based on over 40 years of clinical research.

What is Braincore Therapy?

A Drug Free Approach to Brainwave Dysregulation Using Neurofeedback

Providing the Jacksonville Area a Drug Free Alternative Treatment to Many Neurologically-Based Conditions Including:

ADD ADHD Treatment
Learning Disorders
Memory Loss Associated with Aging
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Panic / Anxiety Disorders Treatment
Insomnia Treatment

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Treatment Without Drugs

The BrainCore technology and science is based on a training procedure that effectively regulates the nervous system, providing proven relief of a wide range of conditions associated with Brainwave Dysregulation .

Discover a Drug Free and Non-Invasive Approach to ADD and ADHD treatment in the Jacksonville area.

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Florida Braincore is conveniently located in Jacksonville just minutes from Ponte Vedra and st Augustine.